A Weekend In New Hampshire. (ft. Sharon & Jake)


Sharon & Jake's wedding in New Hampton, New Hampshire was nothing short of a fairytale. We arrived late at night a couple of days before the ceremony to get to know the sweet couple and their families. Nate and I stayed in one of the rooms of the beach side colonial house that they had rented for the bridal party. We befriended their endearing grandparents and grew quite fond of the east historic coast. The second day we were in New Hampshire we rode a fall foliage boat ride on a river between New Hampshire and Maine; the trees' colors were bright and magnificent and the water was clear and vast... to say the least, love was in the air and we could feel it's arms wrapping around us amongst the wind. 


That night we joined the family and bridal party for the rehearsal dinner at the bride's home. Italian was served upon a long dinner table and a bonfire was built for the evening's entertainments. We sat around the fire and soaked in the memories and stories that were being retold about the bride and the groom. Nate and I felt invested in this couple and excited to capture their ceremony the following day. 


The ceremony was intimate, with a crowd of around twenty people, including ourselves, at a peninsula in the woods, that narrowed off into the water. The area was lit by the most vibrant golden rays; the sun seemed to be kissing everyone's faces. The union of these two sweet souls was the most special we've yet to witness. Laughs were loud and tears were shed in front and behind the camera lens. 


Thank you Sharon & Jake for allowing us to be a part of the lovliest coalition of 2014. 


- Nate & Sarah